Love Thy Neighbor

Our Love Thy Neighbor sign campaign began after the success of our RAAR campaign and group formation. 


After having some conversations in group about the experiences of progressively affirming churches within Lewis County and the political divide of our current climate, a message was crafted to engage both sides of the aisle in reflecting about better tolerance and acceptance. We recognized and acknowledge this message might be uncomfortable for some members of our community who practice a different faith or belong to a group who has historically suffered under the weaponization of religion. 

Love Thy Neighbor was chosen as it is a common tenet that runs universally through most major religions and philosophies. The donkey and elephant were chosen to represent our political divide and need to extend the hand of friendship across the aisle. 

Our Love Thy Neighbor signs are available for purchase through the link below. LCLG makes a small profit from each purchase that goes back in to our general fund for all projects.